Team building for remote companies

Encourage your people to know each other. Make your company's culture more inclusive and warm. Teambuddy is a web app integrated with Slack - it'll help you build better teams.

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How does it help?

Boost your remote team culture

Make your workplace more inclusive, accepting, and inviting. Become a great place to work.

Let your people know each other

Create a culture of friendship. Encourage people to make strong social connections.

Build more effective and engaged teams

Improve teamwork, build positive work experience, and keep people motivated and excited.

Welcome new employees

Allow new hires to introduce themselves and create a sense of belonging from day one.

The story

Build teams around people

In our companies, we're already using a dozen tools for project management, to-do's, communication, goals, metrics, and more. We improve processes and work efficiency, but... aren't we missing something?

In the end, it's the people who make the team. And good teams are formed when people know and trust each other. It's challenging to accomplish it, especially in remote environments. You can't fully know a person just because you know his role and job within the company.

That's where TeamBuddy comes in. You can sign in with your Slack account and see the extended profiles of your colleagues. You'll know their personalities, hobbies, and what their past experiences were. It's a combination of a team directory with icebreaker questions.

Check out the demo and see how TeamBuddy fits into your organization.

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